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Dear Mitt Romney

Christopher L. Jorgensen
PO Box 546
Ames, IA 50010

April 11, 2012

Romney for President, Inc.,
PO Box 149756,
Boston, MA 02114-9756

Dear Mitt Romney,

I would like to see a copy of your birth certificate. I think we can both agree this is fair, since idiots and bigots have been asking the current guy for his for years. These ignoramuses weren’t even happy after Obama finally provided a copy. What more do you think it would have taken to satisfy these nutters? Refusal to send me your birth certificate will just put you in the same position. It’s best to just get out in front of these scandals (if you ask me). Don’t worry, if you provide me with a reasonable facsimile of a certificate of live birth I won’t be a jackass and pretend like it’s not a “real” birth certificate.

I’m told that being a US citizen is a requirement for the office you seek. It just seems like if we are going to ask one candidate for his birth certificate we should ask them all. (Otherwise you end up with rightwing hypocrisy.) I’m all about fairness! I haven’t seen birth your certificate yet, but I have seen that Obama guy’s. Even if his is a fake, so far it’s better than what you have provided.

So I must ask, can I get your birth certificate? Failure to provide one promptly will probably result in a bad publicity and stupid billboards (there’s precedent!). 


Christopher L. Jorgensen

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