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Dear Deadwood

Christopher L. Jorgensen
P.O. Box 546
Ames, IA 50010

October 4, 2010

Deadwood Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Bureau
767 Main Street
Deadwood, SD 57732

Dear Deadwood,

I fucking loved “Deadwood.” The cocksuckers that canceled that show aught to be fucking shot. Goddamn Hoopleheads. This show is the reason I want to visit your cocksucking town. Don’t worry, I don’t expect it to be like it is on the TV, what with all the whoring and gambling and people using swearwords like “cunt” and “shit.” I think swearing for swearing’s sake is crass! I hate bastards that do that!

It would disappoint me greatly if I were to visit your town only to discover it bears no resemblance whatsoever to the Deadwood of old. So what can a peckerhead like me expect upon visiting? What is there to do in Deadwood? Should I bring my own guns or are they provided?


Christopher L. Jorgensen







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Black Hills Territory
National Historic Landmark
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Dear Christopher,

Thanks for your letter. We do agree with you that the Hoopleheads who canceled the show don’t know what they’re doing; but would hope it doesn’t come to gun-fire.

We would love to have you visit our town and although we appreciate your enthusiasm, you will not find the Deadwood that was represented in the HBO series. You CAN expect a beautiful town that always has something going on with casinos, restaurants, hotels and views that won’t quit.

We recommend you try to come during one of our special event weekends as they are the most fun you’ll have anywhere in the Wild West.  I’ve included a special event calendar and a brochure for you to check things out. You can also visit our website at for any information you’re looking for.

I’ve also enclosed a little something we think you might enjoy.

Thanks for the correspondence and we hope to see you in Deadwood soon.



George Milos
Deadwood Chamber & Visitors Bureau








Deadwood Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau
767 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732 • (605) 578-1876 • FAX (605) 578-2449
Email: •

Deadwood website:

Scan of the letter from Deadwood Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau


Note: Address updated to reflect my current P.O. Box.

Now here is a response folks! I love it when I know my letter has been read. I love it even more when they use one of my descriptions or quote me (I’m vain that way).

Here’s me in the Cocksucker hat Mr. Milos sent me:


Here’s Phil James in the same hat:


Phil made a generous donation to and I sent him the hat out of gratitude. I’m more of a fedora type of guy anyway.

If anyone visits Deadwood be sure to stop by and say “Hello” to Mr. Milos. Tell ‘em Jackass Letters sent you. Up to you whether or not you call him a cocksucker, but it you do you’d better be a damn fast draw. There’s a rumor that Mr. Milos has shot 23 men dead for much less. (I just made this rumor up.)

By Christopher L. Jorgensen


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Ames, IA 50010

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