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Dear Iowa Lottery

Christopher L. Jorgensen
PO Box 546
Ames, IA 50010

April 15, 2008

Iowa Lottery
PO Box 10474
Des Moines, IA 50306-9996

Dear Iowa Lottery,

I heard on the Dave Ramsey show that lotteries are just a tax on people too stupid to do math. He said you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than you do of winning the lottery. Is this true? Do you think this means more people should stay indoors? This way, if less people were struck by lightning, you could run a commercial or something with the slogan, “You stand a better chance of winning the lottery than being struck by lightning!” It would suck to be struck by lightning.

It would be cool to win the lottery, but since I don’t play it’s probably not that likely to happen. Since it doesn’t sound like it’s likely to happen even if I did play I don’t think I am out much.


Christopher L. Jorgensen

2323 Grand Avenue • Des Moines • Iowa • 50312-50307

Telephone: 515-725-7900

Chester J. Culver • Governor
Patty Judge • Lt. Governor

April 22, 2008

Christopher L. Jorgensen
PO Box 546
Ames, IA 50010

Dear Christopher,

Thank you for your letter. The Iowa Lottery, or any state-run lottery for that matter, is not a form of a tax. Rather, it is a voluntary for of entertainment. Just like going to the movies, people can choose whether they want to participate and by how much. People go to prison for not paying their taxes. No one goes to prison or gets in trouble with the authorities for not playing the lottery.

Also, you also mentioned you hear people have a better chance of getting struck by lightening than winning the lottery. This statement is a myth.

Thank you,

Tina Potthoff
Public Affairs Manager

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