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Dear National Miniature Donkey Association

Christopher L. Jorgensen
PO Box 546
Ames, IA 50010

March 29, 2011

6450 Dewey Road
Rome, New York 13440

Dear National Miniature Donkey Association,

I’m all for penalizing the Canadians for being Canadian, but what I don’t get is why it costs them more to join your organization if they are paying in US dollars. If my friend Anthony Imperioli (he’s Canadian) has to pay $45 to join your fine organization, I don’t quite get why I can get in for as little as $35 if we’re both paying in fine American currency!

I’m not quite sure what comes with a membership to the National Miniature Donkey Association. Is this a legal requirement to get a mini-donkey?

I think it would be cool to surprise my friend Anthony with one of these animals. He claims he’s not a cat person, but I’ve never met anyone that’s ever claimed not to be a donkey person! I’m sure he’d love one. Who wouldn’t? He spends a lot of time drawing donkeys (mostly for me). It’s why we’re friends. Having a donkey that he could use as a model would probably make his drawings better.

Obviously a mini-donkey wouldn’t be able to carry as much weight as a full-sized donkey, but how much weight can one carry? A mini-donkey couldn’t carry a man of my stature, but I was kind of hoping if I got one for Anthony that he’d be able to ride it. He’s much smaller than me and has a slight frame so he shouldn’t be too heavy.


Christopher L. Jorgensen


—the simple answer is that it (memb.) costs much more in postage to send our publication the Asses Magazine (4 times a year) to Canada - that is the reason for the higher dues. The magazine is included w/memb.

If you are considering giving a donkey to your friend please be sure he has the space and shelter to care for one—it’s a commitment for 30+ years. Also a single donkey would be terribly lonely without a companion. Most people prefer two donkeys to keep each other happy. They are less noisy or likely to develop bad habits.

Miniature Donkeys should only be ridden by small children. They are strong enough if trained to pull an adult on a cart but not on their back.

Our association’s publication is educational to help owners properly care for their donkeys.

Best Regards,

Lynn, NMDA

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