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Dear Raising Cane’s

Christopher L. Jorgensen
PO Box 546
Ames, IA 50010

January 24, 2020

Raising Cane’s Customer Relations
6800 Bishop Road
Plano, TX 75024

Dear Raising Cane’s,

I like to try new places. I’m what you would call “food adventurous.” I’ll put pretty much anything in my mouth if I’ve never tried it before. You can imagine the kind of trouble this has gotten me into! So there should be no surprise that I just had to try the food at Raising Cane’s! I’d never been in one before, and honestly hadn’t really heard of you guys until recently. I didn’t even know the deal! Chicken fingers and crinkle-cut fries. That’s it. No nuggets, no choice between white meat or dark, or even legs and thighs and breasts and wings.Just chicken tendies and fries with a side of Texas toast.

I will have to admit it took me an embarrassingly long time to order. I stood at the counter in your Lincoln, NE location and stared at the menu in confusion. I was thinking I was missing some options like alternative sides or dessert. Nope. Once I figured it out I wasn’t disappointed. I’m good with some old fashioned chicken fingers. At this point it was a matter of figuring out how many I needed. How should I know? Like I said, I’d never been there before.

So I asked the cashier, “So how many should I order?” and she told me it depended on how hungry I was. I said I was pretty hungry. I asked how many do most people order? She said mostly it came down to the size of the person ordering. I think this was just a polite way to tell me that maybe fat people ordered more. She didn’t lose patience with me, though I think the people in line behind me were. One guy even said, “It’s not hard man!”

I ended up going with two “Three Finger Combos” which is more or less your “Caniac Combo,” but as far as I can tell with more fires and an extra piece of Texas toast.

Raising Cane’s is great, and I’ll be sure to visit again someday, and now that I know the score, I can be the one telling the guy in front of me to “make a choice already, man!”


Christopher L. Jorgensen

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