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Dear Sriracha

Christopher L. Jorgensen
PO Box 546
Ames, IA 50010

May 1, 2012

Huy Fong Foods, Inc.
5001 Earle Avenue
Rosemead, CA 91770

Dear Sriracha,

I know a lot of people like to pretend your sriracha is really hot, but it’s really not. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff, but I think the people who act like it’s liquid death are just deluding themselves. These are the sort of people that go on “death defying” merry-go-rounds all the while avoiding the roller coasters.

I put sriracha on nearly everything. I call it “rooster sauce,” or (when I am not in mixed company) “cock sauce.” It’s some yummy stuff. Hands down it beats catsup on most everything except fries or snail.

You should consider coming out with a special batch of sriracha that is actually really hot. A limited edition “phoenix” batch would be wonderful. I would love watching the people that think your current formulation is spicy try to eat some.

I’d buy some if you did.


Christopher L. Jorgensen

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