Jackass Letters: When Psychotherapy No Longer Helps!

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Dear Thundershirt

Christopher L. Jorgensen
PO Box 546
Ames, IA 50010

April 26, 2012

Thundershirt Customer Service
905 Jackie Robinson Drive
Durham, NC 27701

Dear Thundershirt,

My girlfriend is afraid of thunder and I thought of buying her one of your Thundershirts. She wears a size 0-2 top (she’s a tiny thing!), so I think she could probably squeeze into one of your shirts for fat cats or one of the ones for smaller dogs.

I am afraid she’ll do the “Freeze & Flop” once she’s in the shirt. Since I can’t exactly get her excited with a laser pointer (I tried!) or a favorite toy I was wondering what advice you would have for getting her on the move! Also, if you have a sizing chart for fun-size women that would be helpful.

Storm season is a-comin’ and I need to be prepared!


Christopher L. Jorgensen

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