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Dear Apple (pt. 4)

Kheng-Yin Beh
PO Box 491
75670, Melaka

May 30, 2012

No. 7, Ang Mo Kio Street 64
Singapore 569086

Re: Case number: 313740796

Dear Angie,

Thank you for your response to my previous letter, but I do not find it helpful at all. I was not asking for a case number, all I wanted was an answer from Apple regarding the issue I raised.

Look, if I could tell about the iBookstore language options in both Malaysia and Singapore; if I could tell all the demographic statistics in both countries in my previous letter, do you think I do not have Internet access? Do you seriously think that the reason I wrote Apple a letter was because I couldn’t access the Internet (but was so eager to contact them), or I didn’t know where to look for the support email address at

If you could inform me of the case number via letter, couldn’t you just address my request in that letter? If you said this matter is not under your department but iTunes Store CS, why couldn’t you just forward my letter to them and have an expert write me back? Remember I didn’t write to Apple Singapore in the first place. My letter was addressed to the headquarter.

Come on, Apple CS, don’t be disappointing. Don’t you pride yourself on your customer service standards? If you read my previous letter again and then read your reply letter, do you really expect me to say: “Oh I see. Thank you for the case number.” ? Please, think different.


Kheng-Yin Beh

encl: copy of previous letter and reply
cc: Tim Cook

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14 May 2012

Kheng-Yin Beh
PO Box 491
Melaka 75670

Re: Case number: 313740796

Dear Kheng-Yin Beh,

Thank you for your recent correspondence to Apple, regarding iBookstore.

Apple is committed to providing a positive experience for our customers through the use of our hardware, software, and lnternet offerings. Feedback such as yours helps us determine areas of opportunity as we continue to grow our business.

We have documented your feedback into our database. All levels of management within Apple see reports from our database on a constant basis. Please be assured that Apple considers all of our customers’ concerns to be important. ln fact, many of Apple’s product and policy changes have been made as a direct result of customer feedback.

For your reference, your concern has been documented in Apple case number 313740796.







No. 7, Ang Mo Kio Street 64
Singapore 569086

Apple (pt. 4) website:

Scan of the letter from Apple


This is a more acceptable reply and it should have been the first reply! At least it gives me some assurance that my request might eventually be heeded, by whom I don’t know, but let’s hope the Apple genie will grant my wish soon!

By Kheng-Yin Beh


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