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Dear Mesa Tactical

Christopher L. Jorgensen
P.O. Box 546
Ames, IA 50010

September 26, 2012

Mesa Tactical
1760 Monrovia Ave, #B1
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Dear Mesa Tactical,

The other day one of my Facebook friends, Phil James, liked your “Mesa Tactical” page on Facebook, so I looked at what he was liking. I have to admit I didn’t get it, but then people like the stupidest shit on Facebook. I visited your site and fell in love with your SureShell Shotshell Carriers! Man, I wished I lived the kind of life where owning something like this would make sense, but honestly, I don’t have kids so my need for this would be limited. Also, as you can see from my address I live in Iowa. We don’t really have much crime here.

Phil lives in Colorado though and from what he tells me shit be crazy there! I don’t know why he liked your page. I am sure there is something you make that he wants. Or maybe he already owns everything you make and that’s why he got excited you are on Facebook.

Anyway, I thought if you sent me something like a hat or some stickers or a gun or something that would let Phil know I was looking out for him that would be great. I promise I’ll pass it along unless it’s so cool I want to keep it for myself. It would have to be cooler than a hat that says “Cocksucker” on it though. I sent one of those to Phil already.


Christopher L. Jorgensen

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October 22, 2012

Dear Chrisotpher,

Thank you for taking the time to write us a letter.  We had quite an enjoyable time reading your elaborated letter.  Needless to say it was Unique and graphic.

As a Thank YOU for your letter and Support, I have included a T-shirt and Hat enclosed.

Hope they are the correct fit and hope you enjoy your Gift.



Have a great day!


Mesa Tactical Staff






Gear and accessories for law enforcement, military and personal defense.
1760 Monrovia Ave, #B1 • Costa Mesa, CA 92627 • Tel: 949-642-3337 • Fax: 949-642-3339



Mesa Tactical website:

Scan of the letter from Mesa Tactical.


I originally wrote this letter the night some asshole decided to shoot up a theater showing Batman a dozen or so miles away from where some other assholes shot up a high school. I woke up to find that shit really was crazy in Colorado. I waited a few weeks before sending it off. In the end I felt like I didn’t want the jerks to ruin my fun and Phil deserves his swag. As he says, “I love free shit!”.

If you want to see Phil James in a hat that says “Cocksucker” on it you can read the Deadwood letter. If you want to see naked photos of him send $20 in a SASE to the above address (mine, not Mesa Tactical’s).

Also, in case you can’t tell in the below photo that’s a hat, catalog, and a shirt. Phil will probably wear them to bed.

p.s. I don’t really have naked photos of Phil, but I haven’t checked the internet. If you do send me $20 I’ll see what I can do.

By Christopher L. Jorgensen


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PO Box 546
Ames, IA 50010

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