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Show me love, I’ll show you love.

I love talking about the people that support this site. I could be talking about you.

I’m opening up Jackass Letters to advertising and since you’re reading this I am guessing you’re wondering if your ad will be a good fit. I only allow one ad per letter. So if you are wondering, stop it and pony up the cash. I may not have “above the fold” or “no scroll” ads, but that’s because this site is for the readers. For $100 you get a quality ad spot and no competing banner ads.

Advertising on Jackass Letters is easy and reasonable. You sponsor an upcoming letter for a measly $100. You get a 728 x 90 banner ad that will appear below the next posted letter and it will stay online for at least a year. Your ad can have any artwork, say pretty much anything, and link anywhere. About the only thing you can’t do is animation or Flash content. Jackass Letters strives to have an annoyance free website with minimal amounts of ads. Nothing will pop up or under or be overly distracting. Because of this your ad will have more impact. There’s only one banner per page. Only one primary ad slot available.

You can even sponsor the back catalog. If a letter has a house ad (an ad for my book) below it, then it is available for sponsorship. You get a banner like this one:

This ad is not your ad. Why is that?

(Image constrained to fit. Actual image size is 728 x 90)

Aceptable filetypes: png, jpg, gif.

If you sponsor an older letter, I will post it back to the front page for a week, and take a much needed break. This will also mean that letter will be protected from being archived for at least a year!

2017 special: Purchase every letter ad slot for $4,500 for the whole year. This will immediately put your ad under every letter on the site (except any already sponsored) and under every new letter in 2017. This will not preserve back-catalog from being archived, but it would be an entire run-of-site ad. Every letter would have your ad for all of 2017.

Random Fine Print: Traffic is increasing to Jackass Letters. Readership is trending upwards. Once you sponsor a letter, your ad stays for the life of that letter (at least a year). Your ad never expires, nor will it be replaced. We reserve the right to refuse your ad. We also reserve the right to take down any letter. In the event the letter you’ve sponsored goes away, for any reason, prior to a year, you will be offered the opportunity to select another letter for your ad. There are no refunds. Page analytics aren’t available. You get no fancy reports or promises anyone will ever click your ad. If you want to track the effectiveness of your ad it’s up to you to do so. You can adjust your ad art or where it points if you repurchase a sponsorship.

These terms are subject to change without notice by Christopher L. Jorgensen.

Domain registration and hosting are paid through 28-Apr-2018 and the site is expected to be renewed. Email me with questions at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Terms last modified: 17-Oct-2016

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