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Jackass Letters Mailing List

The Jackass Letters mailing list offers you an occasional letter dropped into your email so you don’t have to visit this poorly designed website. When I remember, you can read that week’s letter right in the inbox of your favorite electronic mail application, and when you hit “Reply” you can even send a message to me. I might even answer!

I will also send out an occasional list exclusive. These are letters that for one reason or another I’ve decided to not put on the website (yet). I am shooting for one of these extra letters a month as your reward for signing up!

If this sounds appealing, sign up! Below is a form that will add you to the list. It’s free and it’s better than you deserve.

You can unsubscribe at any time (unsurprisingly) simply by hitting “unsubscribe!”

Since at least one person has asked: No, I will not sell your email address. I’ll try my best to preserve your privacy, but I am pretty much a moron. There is a chance I will accidentally disclose your email or identity.


Christopher L. Jorgensen

p. s. There will be an ad in every email just as there is on the site. If you are interested in sponsoring a letter please get in touch.

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