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Dear Perfect Food

Kheng-Yin Beh
PO Box 491
75670, Melaka

Jun 25, 2012

Perfect Food Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.
AG 6876, Alor Gajah Industrial Estate
78000 Alor Gajah

Dear Perfect Food,

I love your Julie’s sugar crackers! They are so thin and crispy, and they taste much more delicious than other brands I’ve tried. How did you come out such a great recipe? They are one of my favorite work snacks, I can simply finish one whole pack in a week time!

But you know people and especially those “nutrition experts” have been saying how sugar crackers are bad for health and make you fat. I don’t think that’s entirely true. I’ve been eating pack after pack of your sugar crackers and I’ve not gained any weight this year. I think that’s also because I run about 3.5 KM on inclined road 5 days a week. That’s why I find the “fattening sugar crackers” claim a nonsense to me. But you just can’t stop people from being skeptical about your sugar crackers! So I suggest you can advertise or include an instruction in your packaging on how to eat your sugar crackers guilt-free, something like as long as the consumer runs about 3.5KM on incline 5 days a week, he/she can enjoy your sugar crackers anytime without any weight gain worries.

Or you can organize a 5KM fun run and give away free sugar crackers to the participants. I for sure will participate! I think the participants will enjoy your sugar crackers a lot more after the run. Then they will get the message: as long as they exercise hard enough, your sugar cracker is their friend, not enemy.

If you need some testimonial on your sugar crackers I’ll be glad to provide one. I’ll write a so much better one if you can reward me some free sugar crackers.


Kheng-Yin Beh

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...bakes better biscuits

(No 293059-T)

AG 6876, Alor Gajah Industrial Estate
78000 Alor Gajah Melaka

Tel: (606) 5561401
Fax: (606) 5562476


No: PFM/CRM/12/02

18 July 2012

Kheng-Yin Beh
PO Boz 491,
75670, Melaka.

Dear Kheng-Yin Beh

1. Firstly, with reference to your letter dated 26th June 2012, we would like to thank you for your continuous support of our Julie’s biscuits and compliments on our sugar crackers. Secondly, we also appreciate and will consider your advertisement tips.

2. You may not believe it but testimonials like yours truly inspire us to produce better quality and healthy biscuits. We always welcome constructive feedback so that we can improve ourselves.

3. Once again we thank you for your continual support and kind words.

Yours faithfully,


General Manager (Operations)

Perfect Food website:

Scan of the letter from Perfect Food


Perfect Food’s reply came a little late but I’m still happy to receive it. I thought they had ignored my letter assuming that I’m some kind of sugar cracker nut. The reply is simple and nice, though I doubt they would really consider my “advertisement tips”.

In case you doubt what I wrote is true… I really run that way and have run longer distance these days. Julie’s sugar crackers is really my favorite but I don’t eat as frequent and much as my letter may have portrayed. ;-)

By Kheng-Yin Beh


The only commentary I have on this letter is the numbering of paragraphs is weird. If you are going to say, “firstly,” and number your paragraphs, I would think “secondly” would go in the paragraph numbered “2.”

I’m not going to be hard on them though. They obviously read the letter and addressed the content.

I may have to get a pack of Julie’s sugar crackers next time I am in Malaysia.

By Christopher L. Jorgensen


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