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Dear Potato Days

Christopher L. Jorgensen
P.O. Box 546
Ames, IA 50010

January 22, 2009

Barnesville Potatoe Days
Post Office Box 345
Barnesville, MN 56514

Dear Barnesville Potatoe Days,

A friend told me all about Barnesville Potatoe Days, and it sounds quite exciting, but I had no idea Minnesota was famous for potatoes. I always thought that was Idaho, so I looked on a map and Barnesville isn’t anywhere near Idaho!

Regardless, if my friend can be believed Potatoe Days sounds amazing. I mean where else can you get Norwegian lefse, German potato pancakes, and French fries? (Talk about multiculturalism!) All you would need after a meal like this is a nice glass of icy potatoe vodka to wash it all down! This is the reason I am writing. Barnesville is a long ways for me to go, and if there’s no potatoe vodka I am not sure I want to make the trip.

I tried going to your website to find out if you served potatoe vodka, but you don’t seem to have a website. You really should consider registering to promote Barnesville Potatoe Days. I’m sure it would be a great success.

And if you don’t have potatoe vodka you should really consider it this as well! I’m sure it would be quite the draw and people as far away as Idaho might come.

Let me know about the potatoe vodka. In the end it’s not a show stopper, since I can always bring my own.


Christopher L. Jorgensen






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PO Box 345 • Barnsville, Minnesota• 56514

fax 218-354-7600

January 27, 2010


Dear Christopher:

Thank you for your letter regarding Potato Vodka.  The Potato Days Festival has been presented with serving Potato Vodka in the past.  However, due to City of Barnesville Ordinances were are unable to have a vendor serve the vodka.

Than you for your interest in our Festival.  We have approximately 17,000 people come to our community for the events and all have a great time.  Barnesville is in an area rich with potato history even though we are no where near Idaho!

if you are ever able to visit us during the festival we would love to have you join us!



Theresa Olson
Potato Days
Executive Director





Potato Days website:

Scan of the letter from Barnesville Potato Days


I so totally want to go, but only for the food and to watch lesbians wrestle in mashed potatoes. Man, I hope they have this or I will be so embarrassed!

“Potato” is the second goggle auto suggestion for Dan Quayle. What a legacy.

I am totally surprised Theresa didn’t correct my spelling. She probably didn’t want to make me feel like an idiot. This is probably why she didn’t mention they do have a website. No good way to tell me it’s when I am insisting on spelling potato with an “e” on the end!

I would normally question the decisions one has made in life to end up being the “Executive Director” of a potato festival, but I won’t because my jealousy would shine through. I will sort of make fun of her understanding of proper nouns though because I am a jackass. Fine, I won’t do that either. Not everyone understand Capitalization Rules!

Making it to this event would be a good time, but Barnesville is closer to Canada than it is to me. About the only way I would consider it is if Anthony Imperioli would agree to meet me half way for a mashed potatoe wrestling match (in a totally non-gay sort of way).

Lastly, “City of Barnesville Ordinances” need to be changed! Someone needs to start a petition. Either that or potato days need to be held someplace else. I suggest Iowa.

By Christopher L. Jorgensen


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PO Box 546
Ames, IA 50010

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