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Dear Roy Ashburn

[This Space Left Intentionally Blank]

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“While the Angels wing
To the newborn King
I will sing for the blessed Babe
On this joyous Christmas day

David Archuleta





Wishing you a joyous Christmas and
great happiness in the New Year ahead.
My heart is filled with gratitude for
God’s love and your encouragement during this past year.

Roy Ashburn

Scan of the Christmas card from Roy Ashburn
Scan of the Christmas Cad from Roy Ashburn


Poor Roy can’t catch a break! First his political career is consumed in a scandal, and then he sends out his Christmas card posing with a man whose political career is soon to be consumed in a scandal.

I had no idea who David Archuleta was until the girlfriend/editor/typist told me he was on some singing show.

I first wrote Mr. Ashburn back after he had a DUI arrest and while he was still a senator. I sent nothing to get this reply. It’s kind of shitty marketing that when you google “Roy Ashburn” the resulting google ad is for a DUI lawyer. I clicked the ad just to cost that asshole some cash.

I wrote Arnold Schwarzenegger previously as well.

I intend to take this letter down (and the original Ashburn letter) after the holidays. I think I’ve beaten up on Roy for long enough. I may put them in my “Best of Jackass Letters” book someday (if I ever put one together). Speaking of books I am putting together…there’s still time to come in on: “Jackasss Letters: Governors and Premiers.” Please help a brother out!

By Christopher L. Jorgensen


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